Brief Introduction

The Jiaotong University Westward Relocation Museum, jointly established by Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), the municipal government of Xi’an, and the provincial government of Shaanxi, is located on the Xingqing Campus of XJTU and has been open to the public since December 11, 2018. The museum's exhibition area is 2400㎡, including a preface hall, a video hall, an exhibition hall, and a function hall. The exhibition is divided into three parts: Tracing the Origin, Moving Westward, and Envisioning the Future, displaying pictures, charts, and objects, totaling over 2,200 items. This exhibition demonstrates the pioneer work and achievements of the Westward Relocation, stresses the encouraging power of the Westward Relocation Spirit, and highlights the fact that "following the instructions and guidance of the Party,breathing the same airandsharing a common destiny with theParty, thecountry, and thepeople" is the quintessence of the spirit.

On April 22, 2020,Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the museum, when he clearly declared the core and quintessence of the Westward Relocation Spirit, and encouraged XJTU teachers and students to carry this spirit forward. At the centenary of the Communist Party of China, it was clearly shown that the Westward Relocation Spirit has been included in a long line of inspiring principles for the Chinese Communist Party. Since the museum has been open to the public, over 720,000 people from all walks of life have visited the museum. It has been approved as the location of 30 bases or teaching and demonstration sites, including the National "Comprehensive Ideological and Political Courses" Practical Teaching Base, China's "Cares for the Next Generation" Party History and National History Education Base, Scientists' Spirit Education Base, National Patriotism Education Base about Women's Contributions, and the Shaanxi Provincial Patriotism Education Base. The Westward Relocation revolution spirit education cause has been recognized and praised many times by the National Cultural Heritage Administration, the Ministry of Education for China, and the Shaanxi Provincial Government. The museum has been selected by many national-level governments as part of the "100 red tourism routes at the centenary of the Communist Party of China", becoming a significant platform to carry forward the Westward Relocation Spirit, providing patriotism education, strong moral education, and resources for the cultivation of good citizens.

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